Available Older Doodles

Puppies 6 Months & Older




Gretchen & Oliver's Litter - Born 5-1-21
Male - Already Neutered - $300
Approximate weight - 25 to 30 pounds
Pictures taken December 19th, 2023.


Sabrina & Oliver's Litter - Born 10-19-22
Female - $300 & is already spayed.
Approximate weight - 20 to 25 pounds
Pictures taken May 15th, 2024.


We have no older Goldendoodle
pups for sale at this time.

Looking for older doodles! Be ready to meet your new family member! For those looking for a puppy with a little more maturity, we have Mini DoubleDoodles and Mini GoldenDoodles aged 6 months and older. Our older doodles have all the qualities that make doodles desirable pets: people-oriented personalities, sweet temperament, hypoallergenic coats, and great energy! They are known to be patient and calm and enjoy socializing with other people and animals. Our puppies are minis of the breed, making them great around kids. They make great companions for an active lifestyle as you go on your family outings and visits to the dog park. They are also wonderful candidates for emotional support animals due to their gentle nature.


We spend daily time with the puppies to ensure they are socializing appropriately with each other and people. In our care, puppies are kept clean and healthy and go home with a health guarantee. They love to have visitors and we welcome interested parties to visit these doodles in person.


For your convenience, most of our older puppies are already spayed or neutered and their listings are clearly marked as such. You are able to put down a deposit at any time and they are ready to go home almost immediately. You then have the option to pick up your new family member in person at our location or have them shipped to you via a safe flight. We are experienced shippers, having sent puppies throughout the United States safely for years. Contact us for information on your puppy’s travel arrangements. Your puppy goes home with you crate-trained as well for your convenience.


Let us introduce you to your perfect new family member! We regularly update our website with new pictures of puppies as they grow so you can see how beautiful these older pups grow to be.